The Science of Infant Skin

Compared to adult skin, baby skin is still actively developing and may be more vulnerable to irritants.

What makes a baby’s skin so special?

On the surface, baby’s skin is plump and soft. Beneath the surface, the skin is up to 30% thinner than an adult’s and requires special care to stay healthy and nourished. That’s why baby’s skin requires a gentle touch.

Water alone is not enough. Bathing without cleansing products may dry out baby’s skin and removes just 65% of oil and dirt. Harsh soaps and cleansers disrupt skin barriers and essential oils that provide natural skin moisture. Non-irritating moisturizers can help reduce water loss.

Just like today’s families, our understanding of what’s best for our little ones is constantly evolving. As the #1 baby skin care brand, JOHNSON'S® is always helping parents and caregivers keep baby’s skin healthy looking, soft, and clean. Our products are supported by science and designed with baby’s skin in mind.

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Our New Generation of Gentle

JOHNSON'S® products are designed with science and mildness in mind. We’re introducing a new legacy of love with nearly 60% fewer ingredients.

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Thoughtful Care

JOHNSON'S® proudly practices caretaking with decades of knowledge. And you can too. Provide your patients with scientific research and the opinions of respected experts.