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Fragranced skin care products can provide added benefits over unfragranced products. But all fragrances aren't created equal.1-3

JOHNSON'S® follows the highest standards in the industry to create products with beneficial fragrances.4-8

Purposeful fragrances have been shown to improve calmness and reduce stress in parents and babies.3,9,10 Some of the benefits of these fragrances include:

  • Helping mothers and babies bond2
  • Lowering cortisol levels and extending time spent in deep sleep9
  • Promoting calmness and stress reduction3,9
  • Improving alertness and mood3,11

In addition, fragrance creates a direct connection to memory and emotion, suggesting it may have implications for infant development. Even before birth, scent has impact on future social development. Babies attach meaning to familiar scents within the first hours after birth. 2,12,13

However, there are concerns that some fragrances may cause sensitization and allergic reactions. International organizations provide guidance to fragrance formulators and users to aid in minimizing the potential of skin sensitization and allergic reactions to products. JOHNSON'S® takes this guidance a step further, following the highest standards in the industry.4-8,14

Every JOHNSON'S® Baby product is designed to meet or exceed the top internationally recognized regulatory standards for baby products. The gentle fragrances in these products are free of fragrance allergens* to minimize potential skin sensitization and allergic reactions. And all JOHNSON'S® products and ingredients have passed a 5-level safety assurance process.4-8,15

JOHNSON'S® products include gentle scents in many of our products to encourage increased touching and bonding. The new JOHNSON'S® CottonTouch™ fragrance was developed with the help of expert perfumers, global evaluators, and safety experts, and was tested and highly rated by thousands of parents around the world. It is the first global fragrance in the JOHNSON'S® portfolio that has been created to elicit positive emotions, such as joy. Moms reported that the fragrance significantly intensified their feelings of joy and pleasure during bath time. Research found positive expressions between mothers and babies during bath time increased and the overall bath experience was enhanced. 6,14,16-19

Not all fragrances are created equal. JOHNSON'S® uses gentle scents and formulates their products so they are unlikely to irritate skin or cause an allergic reaction.4,14

*List of fragrance allergens as identified by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety of the European Commission, 2012.6


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